HP Pavilion 503w (US) BIOS gratis download (ver. 3.­24)

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HP Pavilion 503w (US) (ver. 3.­24) MSZIP udgivet 2003.10.20.

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Kategori Pcer
Mærke/Producent HP
Enhed Pavilion 503w (US)
Operativsystem BIOS
Version 3.­24
Filstørrelse 1.08 Mb
Filtype MSZIP
Udgivet 2003.10.20
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BIOS for HP Pavilion 503w (US) Purpose: Recommended Category: BIOS Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Microsoft Windows XP Professional Language(s): Global English Fixes: - Adds support for newer Intel processors.­ - Fixes a problem with BIOS 3.­23 that could prevent video from displaying after the PC battery is discharged.­ - Cleans up the HP Logo screen in the Setup entry.­ - Fixes an issue that could stop the PC during a Power On Self Test.­ How To Use: 1.­ Download the BIOS update.­ 2.­ Double-click the BIOS update icon and then click NEXT.­ 3.­ Accept the license terms and then click NEXT.­ 4.­ If an Overwrite Protection message appears,­ click YES TO ALL.­ 5.­ Wait for the update to complete.­ 6.­ At the 'Windows Based BIOS Update' window,­ click YES to restart your PC.­ 7.­ If you see the following message during the restart of your PC,­ continue with the remaining steps; otherwise you are done with the update.­ 0251: System CMOS checksum bad - Default configuration used 8.­ Press and hold F1 for a few seconds to open the BIOS Setup.­ 9.­ Press F5 for a few seconds,­ choose YES,­ and then press Enter to load the BIOS defaults.­ (Use the arrow keys to choose YES,­ if necessary.­) 10.­ Press F10 for a few seconds,­ choose YES,­ and then press Enter to exit the BIOS Setup and save your changes.­ (Use the arrow keys to choose YES,­ if necessary.­) 11.­ Press Enter to confirm the save.­ Compatible devices: P9855A

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